Chinese zodiac : PIG

chinese zodiac - pigThe Pig is the last animal sign on the Chinese zodiac. it is the symbol of wealth, and also the main character for the formation of the word “家” (house).
Specially drawn it for people who love pig and/or belongs to the year of pig to wish you prosperous and well-to-do.

十二生肖 – 亥豬

很久很久以前,天界舉辦賽跑大會,最先抵達終點的前十二名就會成為十二生肖中的動物。 豬靠堅持終於得到了最後的一席,成為了“亥”地支的代表,是年與日一輪裡的句點。
依此畫下十二生肖的句點,不是終而是始的又再來臨,以滿迎富, 分享給屬豬、喜歡豬的朋友們

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